Guild Rules

Lions heads

Guild Rules

Rule #1:

Avoid profanity in zone wide communications, guild chat and Teamspeak (voice chat)

We have a wide group of members and want everyone to feel comfortable in guildchat.  This means negative comments about gender identity, race, religion  and sexist will not be tolerated.   If someone says Happy Easter, Happy Samhain, Eid Mubarak, or Shabat Shalom accept it and respond in the same positive manner or just ignore it.   Any celebration of a special day made in a positive spirit and manner deservers the same in return.

Also remember women and sometimes kids play the game are in our guild.  Please try to keep this in mind.

There should be little or no profanity in guild chat or used by members on public channels.   Sometimes there are differences over what is profanity so please give people some slack.  Occasionally words come out but context and intent also need to be considered.  I am not asking guild members to be insanely clean in their language just keep in mind others before you speak.

Rule #2:

Please use /role instead of /anon when you need to hide your class to avoid nagging tells for buffs or ports.  /anon hides your guild tag although people can still do /guild status to see your guild.  We are Lions and proud of it.  Always show your guild tag.

Rule #3:

Please try and acknowledge questions of others in guild even when you don’t know the answer.  People like to know they have been heard.

Rule #4:

Please try to be aware of others logging in or leaving and say hello or goodbye to them. It does make a difference. But if you are afk or very busy it is understandable that you can’t always acknowledge the hellos and goodbyes,

Rule #5:

When new members join the guild do the best you can to make them feel welcome and invite them into groups when you can.   First impressions are important to people.

Rule #6:

Try to avoid getting involved in shouting matches across a zone.  We are Lions and we try to take the High Road although tis not always easy at times.

Rule #7:

NEVER TRAIN ANYONE.  This is a less then honourable tactic and one that we as Lions should never have to resort to.

Rule #8:

Try to participate in the guild message forums even if it is just scanning through the messages once a week.  The more we communicate the better the guild will be.  Help us make it better 🙂

Rule #9:

NEVER engage in trade scams, con games, or casinos.  Lions are above such things.

Rule #10:

Do not go about asking people outside the guild in /tells, /shouts /auctions /oocs for hand outs of gear or to be power levelled.  If caught doing so you it will be explained to you that this is not allowed and why for the first two times. On the third time you will be removed from the guild.

Rule #11:

It is okay to ask for help but it is also good to try and deal with a situation yourself whether it is looking up information or completing a quest.   Lions will always help with answers and gear and info but it’s also good to learn about the resources you can use to get the answers yourself.

Rule #12:

We never try to recruit people with other guild tags with the exception of people in a single player guild.  If you know they are the only one in the guild and it is a guild of convenience then it is okay to speak them about joining us.